Handbook of Inductively Coupled Plasma mass spectrometry

Handbook of Inductively Coupled Plasma mass spectrometry

Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) is now one of the most widely used analytical techniques that has rapidly gained a wide acceptance in many fields. However, experience of ICP-MS in many laboratories is still limited.

There is therefore still a real need for a handbook such as this, which covers not only the theory of operation, fundamentals, and history of the technique, but also includes practical information and tips which allow the reader to make best use of the instrumentation available.

Comprehensive coverage is given of critical areas such as sample preparation, sample introduction, solids analysis and isotope ratio measurement.

This handbook is written for analysts working in the fields of geological, environmental, water, medical, biological, metallurgical, nuclear and industrial sciences. It is aimed at potential, new and experienced users with differing levels of experience and expertise.

Read it, use it and enjoy it!

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