Publication day has arrived

I’ve been busy over the past few months preparing for the launch of “Proof Toxic”

  • Posted On: 26 March 2023
Publication day has arrived

It is always a delight (and a relief) to receive the latest book in its final form. I am particularly pleased with the choice of colour for this, my twelfth book in the series. It has been over two years since “Killer Lines” hit the shelves and during that time I have received messages from readers asking when the next one in the series will appear. So I was particularly pleased to let them know that it was finally available on 11th March. Since then I have been busy visiting book shops but did find the time to go down to Grassington, where Ann Cleeves gave a talk on the occasion of her latest Vera, “The Rising Tide” being published in paperback. It is a brilliant read and I can thoroughly recommend it! The event was organised by “The Stripey Badger” bookshop and I should mention that there is another on 7th October entitled “What makes the perfect crime” – a panel of authors: Julia Chapman, Mark Bridgeman and Susan Parry!

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