A trip to Mossy Bank

Hoping to meet Mills Sanderson

  • Posted On: 10 August 2022
A trip to Mossy Bank

The Ivelet Circular Walk takes you up onto Gunnerside Moor with views along the lead mine workings of Gunnerside Gill and then across the top until you can see Keld in the distance and, finally, Muker below. It is a beautiful walk on a clear day, particularly at this time of year when the heather is in bloom and the air is filled with its scent. The walk appears on the Yorkshire Dales National Park app (we have reached the letter I in the alphabet now) but, more importantly, you will be close to Mossy Bank, the fictional hamlet where my protagonist Mills Sanderson lives. If you follow the 7-mile route, you will be walking in her footsteps – where she exercises Harris the lurcher, takes the track to the deserted shooting lodge, the route over into Gunnerside Gill, the path across the moor to David’s farm. If it’s possible to be jealous of a fictional character, I think she lives in one of the best places in the dale!

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