It all began in the “Red Lion Hotel” at Burnsall

Visiting the place that gave me the inspiration for “Craven Scar”

  • Posted On: 3 May 2022
It all began in the “Red Lion Hotel” at Burnsall

This week I completed the walks under “B” from the YDNP app, by starting out from Burnsall. To make it longer than a short stroll along the Wharfe, I added a loop up to Grassington, which allowed me to drop in on the Stripey Badger Bookshop.   You will certainly recognise the village of Burnsall if you have read my fourth novel, “Craven Scar”.  At the beginning of the book Mills Sanderson is attending a wedding reception at the “Red Lion Hotel” in Burnsall.  She find herself seated next to Tim O’Neill, who begs her to help him find his wife, Georgina; she disappeared three years earlier without a word. Interestingly, Mills also meets Claudia Bishop at the reception, the original owner of the forensics laboratory that plays an important part in future stories in the Yorkshire Dales Mystery series. 


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