Solving the mystery puzzles

Have you noticed how fictional detectives enjoy crosswords and other puzzles?

  • Posted On: 13 March 2021
Solving the mystery puzzles

Colin Dexter’s Inspector Morse is a good example of a crossword solving policeman, indicating his astute mind and ability to solve clues, however obtuse they might be. I sometimes manage to complete the cryptic crossword in my paper but recently I have been doing jigsaws in my spare time. It began with the traditional picture of a garden but soon I found Escher’s “Waterfall” tucked away. It is grayscale and very repetitive – so that took a while. But now I have discovered a series of mystery puzzles where you are provided with a background story to a murder to accompany the 1,000-piece jigsaw, but NO PICTURE. The clues are in the story. So far, I have completed the Sherlock Holmes “Speckled Band” and Agatha Christie “Death on the Nile”. Currently I’m tackling an Alfred Hitchcock themed mystery involving three of his films. I can guarantee these puzzles are not completed in an afternoon!

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