Will it be a white Christmas?

We’ve already had snow in the Dales

  • Posted On: 11 December 2020
Will it be a white Christmas?

Something magical happens when the snow falls – everything goes very quiet.  Traffic slows down to a crawl and noises that normally echo across the Dale are muffled. We are suddenly able to see evidence in the tracks of the animals that are usually hidden from view: deer, stoats – or is that weasel? Children appear with sledges to spend the morning sliding down the hillsides and there is excitement when the snowplough arrives. My book “Frozen Ground” is set against the background of winter in Mallerstang: “Wild Boar Fell was as imposing as ever in a covering of white and, as Bob drove, the sun appeared to cast bright shafts across its flanks. Normally his heart would lighten at the sight but this morning the loneliness of the scene reminded him of what a small fragile being his son would be out on its slopes.” On that cheery note,  I hope you and your family have a safe Christmas and that next year will bring you all health and happiness. 


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