The beginning of the end!

I have finished the latest book in the series, now the work begins!

  • Posted On: 18 June 2020
The beginning of the end!

There is something very satisfying to type “The End”, but I know it is just the beginning of the next process: editing. Over the lockdown I have completed draft 1, left it for a few weeks, read it through for glitches in the story line, for expression, style, for punctuation and expression again. The latest draft (number five) is now ready for my beta readers, including an expert who works for the police. The publication date for “Killer Lines” is 31st August in case you were wondering.
You may have noticed that I was due to talk about my new book at the Richmond Book Festival. I am particularly disappointed that the event had to be cancelled, because I was due to interview Sally Magnusson at the festival about her new book, “The Ninth Child” published in March this year. Like many authors, I’ve had a number of events cancelled over the lockdown and I’m waiting to hear whether the events in Skipton and Harrogate Libraries will go ahead at the end of September and the beginning of October. I will keep the events section of my Facebook page up to date.
Meanwhile, in case you are a Kindle Unlimited reader, all my books in the series are now available for you to borrow free of charge. Readers are sometimes concerned that e-books are less rewarding than print copies for authors, but I am happy to have Kindle readers whether they purchase or borrow books, Amazon have ways of recompensing authors either way, so don’t worry. But remember to post a review!

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