First draft of ‘Killer Lines’ completed

Enforced isolation has allowed me to complete my latest book ahead of schedule

  • Posted On: 12 May 2020
First draft of ‘Killer Lines’ completed

I am currently on “furlough” – an interesting American English word originally applied to leave given to soldiers on full pay. The English equivalent might be “gardening leave”, although that seems to have negative connotations; technically it means you can’t work so all there is to do is sit at home or work in the garden – usually applied to senior staff who perhaps are past their most productive. My own garden has certainly received a huge amount of attention recently and my only forays into civilisation have been in search of compost.  Once the first draft of “Killer Lines” was finished at the end of April, I put it away for a few weeks before the first read-through. Editing then begins in earnest with projected publication in the summer. Last year “Deadly Embers” was launched with events at Tennants Garden Rooms, the Stripey Badger Bookshop, and Limestone Books – it may be that “Killer Lines” will be launched rather more quietly this year although similar events are planned, including talks at the Richmond Walking and Book Festival and the Harrogate Library Noir. Meanwhile, keep safe everyone.

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