“Writing is a solitary occupation” – Jessamyn West

With social media this is now far from the truth

  • Posted On: 7 April 2020
“Writing is a solitary occupation” – Jessamyn West

I hope you are all keeping well and not finding social distancing too challenging. As everyone keeps saying, writers are used to working on their own at home – but we are always in contact with others by social media and never more so than now. Although I’m not getting out as much as usual, I am very lucky to be able to walk with my husband and dog in the empty fields and lanes of Swaledale, while fully appreciating that many are living in urban areas where exercise options are limited. We are also fortunate in the dale because our local market stall holders continue to take orders for delivery, with the community bus delivering to those unable to pick up their groceries. Several authors have commented on social media that they are finding it difficult to write in these strange times but the additional time indoors has allowed me to crack on with my current work in progress. My spreadsheet tells me that, at the current rate, I should finish the first draft by the end of May. Finally, I have been asked about the title of my book – well, here it is (drumroll) ‘Killer Lines’.

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