‘Deadly Embers’ is at the printer’s

I picked up the proof copy of ‘Deadly Embers’ last week

  • Posted On: 11 August 2019
‘Deadly Embers’ is at the printer’s

It is always a slightly nervous occasion but I'm pleased to say it looks very good. The new format has a different font with more space between lines which gives it a pleasing appearance. The cover is very distinctive, reflecting the fiery themes that run through the book:
“Dr Mills Sanderson can only watch as fire envelopes Yardley Forensics and destroys forensic evidence associated with important criminal cases. Tragically a body is discovered in the laboratory when the flames are finally extinguished. No-one knows what he was doing there but Mills is determined to find out. When investigations confirm it was an arson attack, DS Featherstone realises there is more than one possible motive for the crime and even the owner, Brenda Yardley, comes under suspicion.”
The publication date is set for 30th August, in time for the Muker Show, where I look forward to meeting my regular readers and some new ones. There is also an event planned for October at Tennants Garden Rooms in Leyburn - more details to follow.
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