Guy Fawkes Night and time to start plotting!

Autumn is here, the evenings are drawing in and it is time to start working on my next book

  • Posted On: 6 November 2018
Guy Fawkes Night and time to start plotting!

Last night I enjoyed an evening in Reeth that began with the lighting of the enormous bonfire and culminated in a really spectacular firework display. The centre of the village was packed with adults and children of all ages celebrating an attempt to reduce the House of Lords to rubble! This is the time of year when I begin the next book. Currently I am still working on the plot but soon I must start monitoring the word count and ensuring that the weekly target is maintained, otherwise things will slip. This book will be set in autumn/winter, my favourite time of year, and fire is a theme that occurs more than once. That’s all I am willing to say at present!

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