Three cheers for the volunteers!

My local library is run by a band of volunteers. It is only able to open at certain times in the week but it is an excellent resource.

  • Posted On: 19 September 2018
Three cheers for the volunteers!

Surprisingly, now, even places with large populations like Richmond and Catterick have what are referred to as ‘community libraries’. I assume that now means they are run by the community (rather than for the community).
As a child I would borrow three books a week, exchanging them on a Saturday morning. I find myself doing the same now.  Of course I choose authors I know I will enjoy such as Ruth Rendell, Reginald Hill and Sophie Hannah but I always select one book by an author I am unfamiliar with and have been delighted by some of my selections. I have looked at the ‘Public  Libraries and Museums Act 1964’ which states that ‘It shall be the duty of the Secretary of State to superintend, and promote the improvement of, the public library service provided by local authorities in England and Wales, and to secure the proper discharge by local authorities of the functions in relation to libraries conferred on them as library authorities by or under this Act.’ Surely the Secretary of State should be called to account? The Minister is currently Mr Ellis, MP for Northampton North. If you are in his constituency could you point out his duties to him please?

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