Chatting to readers and signing my books

I’ve spent the last two weekends at events in Wensleydale publicising ‘Stone Tomb’

  • Posted On: 15 August 2018
Chatting to readers and signing my books

Writing is quite a lonely task – sitting for hours without speaking to anyone, staring out of the window and walking in the dales with a head full of alternative plots. Sometimes one might seem to be quite oblivious of the outside world. I keep in touch with readers by giving talks about my work – both writing and forensics – but it is a real treat to chat to readers who are avidly waiting for the next book in the series. In the last two weeks I have met people who came to my signings specifically to grab ‘Stone Tomb’. Some are reserved, take the book and leave with hardly a word, others like to chat about other favourite authors and discuss Dr Mills Sanderson. Interestingly it is usually the men who enquire whether she is finally going to sort out her love life!

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