‘Stone Tomb’ has finally been published!

Today is launch day for the ninth book in the series about Mills Sanderson and her investigations.

  • Posted On: 31 July 2018
‘Stone Tomb’ has finally been published!

Yes, it has been exciting to see the number of pre-orders arriving for both the printed and ebooks and, yes, it will be fun to meet my regular readers at my signings at Tennants on 4th & 5th August and at Berry’s Farm Shop on 12th. I will be talking to Steve Brown on Drystone Radio next Monday 6th August and something will appear in the Northern Echo/Darlington & Stockton Times in the next week. Am I excited? Yes but… I am already missing the pressure of keeping up the word count. I have some ideas of what the theme of the next book will be – I have a title (always important for me) and I know what will be on the cover. Tonight I will open a bottle of Prosecco and enjoy the moment!

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