Now it's Spring

So it’s officially Spring and suddenly every sheep in the dale appears to have given birth and after just a few days the youngsters actually bounce as they play together.

  • Posted On: 31 March 2018
Now it's Spring

The snowdrops are dying and wild garlic is in leaf on the river banks, a sign that we will soon be mass producing pesto for the freezer.  Despite the promising signs of the new season, recent light snow covers the tops and there is still a chill in the air.  I am ignoring the weather and spending Easter writing #9 in my ‘Yorkshire Dales Mysteries’.  I am finishing the last chapters and expect to have completed the first draft in a couple of months.  A number of edits will follow and then publication. By then the buttercup meadows will have come and gone, and farmers will be contemplating the first mowing of the summer.  Meanwhile, ‘Purple Shroud’, #5 in the Yorkshire Dales Mystery series, is available free for download on Kindle until 2nd April.

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