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An Introduction to Atomic Spectroscopy

It is increasingly common in the modern laboratory to find that analysts identify 'the instrument' with the facilities provided by the software, rather than what actually lies within the box. This situation provides the background to the birth of this book.   

Authors Stanley Greenfield and Michael Sargent (right),

most importantly felt it was time to redress the omissions of the past and restore emission spectrometry to its proper place in the family of atomic spectroscopic techniques. Adopting a historical perspective facilitates introduction of the fundamental aspects of the emission instrumentation in a way which allows the reader a clear view of the key components, their relative importance, and the practical limitations they introduce.

The opportunity has also been taken to expand on areas of theory which are often omitted or abbreviated in other books. The authors hope that readers will find their historical approach to the subject both informative and interesting.

New Fiction Title

Viridian Publishing is delighted to announce the release of

Potent Poison by Susan Parry, the eighth book in the Yorkshire Dales Mystery series. ‘Potent Poison’ was launched in Sept 2016 and it concerns an expensive boarding school for girls near Richmond where the daughter of a French diplomat drowns while playing Ophelia in the school production of Hamlet.  Her death appears to be an accident but then another pupil is reported missing.  

New Scientific Books

ICP-MS Primer

Viridian Publishing has released this latest book in the scientific series which is aimed at the novice user of quadrupole ICP-MS instruments and includes a guide to the instrumentation, both from a theoretical and practical perspective, and an assessment of performance characteristics.