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Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES) is perhaps the most widely used and versatile analytical technique available, and has found application in many fields. This comprehensive and practical handbook, includes developments in methodology, instrumentation, sample introduction; and has sections specifically dedicated to the analysis of geological and environmental samples, metals and archaeological materials.

The authors begin by reviewing the development of ICPAES, its analytical characteristics and advantages, and the instrumentation. The book focuses on providing details of specific methodology and the optimal use of equipment for a wide range of geological applications. It also includes a chapter summarising the performance of the related technique of ICP-mass spectrometry.

While this book is an essential reference for the general analytical chemist, it is particularly aimed at the geochemist, soil scientist and water analyst.  A user-friendly book packed full of sound, practical information.

Read it, use it and enjoy it!

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